In today's industrial sector, where efficiency and sustainability are crucial, LIGE cranes by JMG Cranes S.p.A. stand out for their reliability, versatility, and performance. This family of cranes presents itself as an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, especially for tighter and more delicate work environments.

L40: compact and versatile

La L40 crane is the epitome of compactness without compromising on power. With a maximum capacity of 4,000 kg and dimensioni estremamente contenute, this model is designed to operate in spaces where other cranes would not dare to venture. Agility becomes a key factor in daily operations, allowing operators to navigate through narrow passages and congested areas with surprising ease. Its 8-hour autonomy ensures a full work shift without interruptions, whileampia cabina the spacious cabin and advanced traction guarantee comfort and precision even in the most complex maneuvers. The L40 proves to be an excellent choice for for warehouses, production plants, and all those scenarios where space is a precious commodity.

  • Maximum Capacity: 4,000 kg
  • Dimensions: 3100x1300x2215 mm
  • Battery: 48 V - 630 Ah, with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Engine: 2 AC electric motors 3 kW 48 V
  • Benefits: Thanks to its extraordinary compactness, the L40 is ideal for operations in tight spaces. The spacious and ergonomic cabin ensures comfort and safety for the operator.
  • Applications: perfect for industrial plants, warehouses, and sectors where space is limited.

L60: the industrial balancer

Moving up a category, theL60 porta con sé un offering a maximum capacity of 6,000 kg,while maintaining a compact footprint. This model represents a perfect balance between agility and lifting capacity,, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The presence of two electric motors of 7.5 kW each ensures high performance in terms of traction and maneuverability, essential in contexts such as construction sites or industrial complexes dove la precisione nel posizionamento dei carichi è critica. With 8 hours of autonomy e una cabina progettata per il massimo comfort, l'L60 si distingue per efficienza e praticità.

  • Maximum Capacity: 6,000 kg
  • Dimensions: 3420x1600x2200 mm
  • Battery: 80 V - 540 Ah, with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Engine: 2 AC electric motors 7.5 kW 80 V
  • Benefits: the L60 combines power and agility, offering excellent performance in a variety of operational contexts, maintaining great maneuverability.
  • Applications: ideal for construction, industrial maintenance, and sectors that require a good load capacity without sacrificing ease of movement

L90: the solution for medium-high needs

The L90 crane, with a maximum capacity of 9,000 kg, combines the strength needed to handle demanding loads with a surprising operational delicacy. Its dimensions are designed to maximize capacity while maintaining good maneuverability. This model finds its ideal placement in environments that require a balance between lifting power and the ability to operate in limited spaces. The front-wheel drive technology with counter-rotation and the wide range of angulation ensure smooth and precise movements, essential for lifting operations in complex conditions. The L90 is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable and versatile ally to face medium-sized operational challenges.

  • Maximum Capacity: 9,000 kg
  • Dimensions: 3665x1800x2300 mm
  • Battery: 80 V - 640 Ah, with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Engine: 2 AC electric motors 7.5 kW 80 V
  • Benefits: with a high capacity and compact dimensions, the L90 is optimal for those seeking superior performance without compromises on agility.
  • Applications: suitable for construction sites, industrial installations, and contexts where a significant capacity is required but with limited space requirements.

L120: the Quiet Strength

At the top of the range, theL120 stands as the definitive solution for the most demanding lifting needs, offering a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg. This crane combines optimized dimensions with unprecedented power, making it ideal for the heaviest tasks in a variety of sectors, including marble handling.With two electric motors of 8.5 kW and a battery of 80 V - 900 Ah, the L120 ensures not only the strength necessary to move heavy loads but also extended autonomy, allowing for full days of work without the need for frequent recharges. The ergonomic cabin and advanced safety features complete the profile of this crane, designed to offer superior performance with the utmost safety and comfort for the operator.

  • Maximum Capacity: 12,000 kg
  • Dimensions: 4155x1950x2408 mm
  • Battery: 80 V - 900 Ah, with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Engine: 2 AC electric motors 8.5 kW 80 V
  • Benefits: the L120 model is the top of the range for capacity, offering unprecedented solutions for the heaviest tasks, combining power, autonomy and comfort.
  • Applications: excels on construction sites where handling heavier loads is required.

Why choose a LIGE crane?

The LIGE crane line by JMG Cranes S.p.A. stands out for numerous reasons that make it the preferred choice in a vast range of industrial applications. First and foremost, the versatility of these models allows them to perfectly adapt to various operational needs, from handling loads in tight spaces to lifting significant weights in large construction sites or naval sectors. Furthermore,operational efficiency and theattention to environmental impact underline JMG Cranes' commitment to sustainability, offering solutions that reduce the use of fossil fuels and minimize harmful emissions.

La advanced technology technology of the LIGE cranes guarantees superior performance, with traction and control systems that provide exceptional maneuverability and precision in load positioning. Safety is another fundamental pillar, with each model incorporating the latest regulations and safety systems to protect operators and loads during every phase of work.

Choosing a LIGE crane also means investing in a durable and reliable product, thanks to the build quality and ease of maintenance that characterize every unit produced by JMG Cranes. The wide range of accessories and configurations available allows for customizing each crane to specific operational needs, making these machines extremely adaptable and capable of tackling any challenge.

In the world of construction and logistics,efficiency and sustainability have become top priorities. Electric mini cranes represent an innovative solution that meets these requirements, combining high performance with low environmental impact.

Why use JMG mini electric cranes? JMG?

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Thanks to electric power, mini cranes significantly reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to environmental protection and green certifications for projects.
  2. Energy EfficiencyElectric mini cranes consume less energy than their combustion-based counterparts, resulting in lower operating costs and a better energy balance.
  3. Quiet Operation:The absence of engine noise makes electric mini cranes ideal for work in noise-sensitive areas, such as hospitals, schools and residential areas.
  4. Precision and ControlEquipped with advanced technology, mini electric cranes offer greater precision in the movement and positioning of loads, improving safety and efficiency at work.
minigru elettriche

In which sectors are electric mini cranes ideal?

  • Construction and Restoration:For lifting materials in narrow spaces or indoors, where precision and compliance with environmental regulations are paramount.
  • Industry and Manufacturing:: For handling heavy machinery or components in production environments, where efficiency and reduced environmental impact are priorities.
  • Maintenance:: Work on electrical systems, turbines, lifts, aircraft.
  • Events and Shows:For the installation of stage structures and technical equipment, where quietness and ease of manoeuvre are essential.

4 Good Reasons to Buy Electric Mini Cranes

  1. Reducing Operating Costs:Energy efficiency and reduced maintenance reduce long-term costs.
  2. Environmental Compliance:The adoption of environmentally friendly solutions facilitates compliance with environmental regulations and improves corporate identity.
  3. VersatilityThe ability to operate in confined spaces and in various contexts makes electric mini cranes extremely flexible tools.
  4. Safety:The precise control and stability of mini electric cranes increase safety at work, reducing the risk of accidents.

Electric mini cranes are an innovative choice for manufacturers looking to improve their operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and ensure workplace safety. With a wide range of applications and real benefits, investing in these advanced technologies translates into a significant competitive advantage in the long term.

In the industrial sector, the need for efficient and safe lifting solutions is increasingly pressing.

Le Jmg Radio remote controlled cranes represent the answer to this need, combining technological innovation and reliability in an unparalleled product range.

Radio Remote Controlled Cranes: The Revolution in Industrial Lifting

JMG Cranes' radio-controlled cranes are the result of a long process of development and innovation. These machines, available with or without a cabin, are designed to operate with precision in even the most confined spaces, providing a simple and safe user experience. The range of cranes, with lifting capacities ranging from 0.9 to 70 tons, are equipped with a sophisticated radio-controlled system that allows safe and remote control of operations. lifting capacity varying from 0.9 to 70 tons, is equipped with a sophisticated radio-controlled system that allows safe and remote control of operations. For example, the JMG-MC650, with a maximum load capacity of 65 tons and dimensions of 5500x2500x2350 mm, represents the top of the range, offering unparalleled performance and safety.

The Advantages of Radio Controlled Electric Cranes

The use of radio remote control in JMG electric cranes opens up a number of significant advantages, helping to improve both the efficiency and safety of lifting operations. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Safe and Remote Control: the operator can handle all necessary maneuvers in complete safety, avoiding potential accidents or damage and ensuring extraordinary precision in operations. The JMG-MC180S, for example, offers a battery life of 8 hours, allowing extended operations without interruption. I am not this model, the concept that needs to pass is that all JMG models have a work autonomy of 8 hours.
  2. Versatility in Contained Spaces: With radio control, the cranes can be maneuvered with agility even in confined spaces or hazardous environments, offering a safe and efficient solution for every industrial need.
  3. Operator Freedom of Movement: the radio remote control allows the operator to work from a comfortable and safe position, avoiding uncomfortable or risky working conditions and ensuring unparalleled precision in every lift.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Safety: Innovative radio control technology not only optimizes the efficiency of operations, but also enhances safety in the workplace, creating a safer environment for all team members.
  5. Modular and Customized Flexibility:JMG radio-controlled cranes offer modular flexibility, with customization options that allow the machinery to be adapted to different operational needs, providing complete control over every aspect of lifting operations. For example, the MC300S model offers a range of available options, including hydraulic winch and hydraulic extension jib.

Choose JMG Radio Controlled Cranes for a Safer and More Efficient Future

gru elettriche cabinate jmg

Radio remote controlled electric cranes from JMG Cranes are the ideal choice for those seeking precision, safety and efficiency in lifting operations. With their advanced technology, these cranes are shaping a future in which industrial lifting is performed with the utmost precision, helping to create a safer and more productive work environment.

JMG Cranes s.p.a.

JMG Cranes designs and manufactures battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes from 0.9 to 70 tons that find application in a wide range of industries.


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