Safety Devices for Electric Pick & Carry Cranes: Guaranteed Maximum Protection

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Have you ever considered what safety devices equip our Pick & Carry Electric Cranes to ensure an uncompromising level of reliability and protection?

LMI (Load Moment Indicator)

The LMI system represents the heart of our commitment to safety. Appropriate warning signs are in place to prevent hazards: The LMI comes into operation when the machine starts, taking advantage of a calculation algorithm that combines data from the angle-wire sensor on the boom and measurements from pressure transducers on the lifting cylinder. This makes it possible to calculate the load lifted and, if necessary, to stop the machine to maintain a safe environment.

This LMI system was specially designed by our R&D Department to consider every possible machine configuration, offering maximum safety and performance.

Appropriate warning signs are in place to prevent hazards:

  • Signal Lights: a red, yellow and green traffic light provides clear visual indication to the operator when maneuvering.
  • Acoustic Signal: an audible signal emitted by a buzzer alerts the operator in the event of a blockage.
Segnalatori luminosi di sicurezza

Pressure Transducer

The pressure transducer is a key component of our safety system. Mounted on the lifting cylinder, it accurately senses pressure. This data is essential to the precise operation of the LMI system, helping to determine the load lifted and ensuring that the machine operates within safety parameters.

Blue Spot

A state-of-the-art safety device, the Blue Spot, is available as an option for our JMG Pick & Carry Electric Cranes. 

It performs a double function:

  • Movement marker: projecting a blue light, alerts nearby operators to the presence of the moving machine.
  • Bright Track: Provides a visual indication of the crane footprint relative to the maneuvering space.


To further enhance safety during maneuvering, each crane can be equipped with cameras. This additional safety tool provides an additional view to ensure flawless management of operations.

Safety is a top priority in every aspect of our design and production. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting people and operations.

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