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We design and build a complete range of electric, self-propelled, battery-operated cranes and forklifts with capacities from 0.9 to 70 tonnes. And we don't stop there.

It was 2007, a few months out from the most catastrophic financial crash in the history of the global economy, when Maurizio Manzini decided to leverage his 30 years of expertise in the pick&carry industry and establish JMG CRANES. And he did so fuelled by the same determination that continues to define the company today, in a perfect mix of foresightedness, intuition and willpower.

JMG immediately stood out for its most distinguishing feature, that is, the essential integration of technological innovation characterising all of its machines. It was a bold decision that would require considerable investments in human resources, time and capital for its implementation, but which has never lagged in demonstrating its worth, driving the continuous growth of JMG CRANES, year after year.

Everything at JMG moves quickly – it always has. In 2010, the patent arrived for the proportional extension boom, thanks to which JMG CRANES pick&carry models can handle loads with millimetre precision. In 2013, the Sarmato facility was opened. In 2016, Maurizio Manzini took over LIGE, a company with a 70-year-long history in the pick&carry sector. Add to these milestones the continuous evolution of the product portfolio, with new models introduced every year. A combination of factors that led to constant and solid growth, becoming the basis for the company’s expansion.

An expansion that culminated in 2019 in the opening of a new facility in Cremona, affectionately named the pick&carry Hub. The space fully embodied the JMG CRANES philosophy, providing clients with the opportunity to enjoy direct contact with the JMG team. 

The area covered 16,000 m2 and became home to the R&D, Design, After-Sales, Administrative and Sales departments. At the centre of the Hub, Europe’s only Pick&Carry museum was erected, because “there cannot be a future without history, and innovation without tradition”, as Maurizio Manzini explained in his inaugural speech. spiega Maurizio Manzini all’inaugurazione.

But, as we said, at JMG CRANES, it’s not just machines that evolve at an incredible pace. Having survived the pandemic unscathed, the company continued to reap the benefits of its market strategy amid increasing demand for machines and innovation. Before long, even the Cremona facility had become too “cramped” for the needs of JMG CRANES, which was now also forced to move production from the historical Sarmato site to another location.

Thus, the inception of the project for a new headquarters, pre-dubbed by Maurizio Manzini as the “Citadel of cranes”. The new location aimed to encapsulate the JMG CRANES philosophy, not only through larger spaces that were better equipped to support the company’s growth, but also by envisioning them in terms of sustainability and employee well-being.

Today, the new JMG headquarters is operational and the second phase of expansion is about to be completed. The new site is expected to officially open in May 2024.A new headquarters where JMG CRANES has no intention of slowing down. In 2023, in fact, the company introduced a new initiative to complement its participation in major trade fairs: the JMG TOUR.A European tour that brings the JMG CRANES team directly to the doorsteps of its partners and clients, giving everyone the chance to feel part of the team!

  • Foundation year: 2007
  • Brands: JMG - LIGE
  • PATENT: proportional extension arm
  • MODELS: 35+
  • HEADQUARTERS 2: Via Zuccherificio,2 - 29010 Sarmato (PC) - Cremona IT

We are a global leader in lifting solutions, recognized not only for our technical excellence but also for our commitment to social responsibility and ethical innovation. Our goal is to be a model for the industry, demonstrating how sustainability and ethics can go hand in hand with business success.


Our mission is to look forward to a sustainable future by implementing strategies that not only offer innovative lifting solutions, but also ensure quality and safety while fully respecting the environment and people. We are committed to promoting ethical practices in every aspect of our business, actively contributing to social and environmental well-being.


Green: Our commitment to the environment goes beyond compliance; it is a passion for responsible innovation and sustainability, rooted in our history and our future.

People: We value every individual, from our employees to partners and the broader community, with an unwavering commitment to well-being and ethical development.

Innovation: Innovation for us means not only developing advanced technologies, but also finding new ways to operate in a socially responsible and ethical manner, inspired by our history of growth and our passion for quality.

Social Ethics Seal

By certifying the Social Ethical Stamp, We at JMG Cranes not only underscore our commitment to technological excellence, but also to positive social impact, ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability. This recognition is a symbol of our commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably, a principle that is clearly reflected in our daily operations.

At our plant, we have taken concrete measures to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability. One of these is power generation through solar panels,which allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This not only demonstrates our respect for the environment, but is also an important step toward energy self-sufficiency.

In addition, within the Crane Citadel we are creating green areas with attached photovoltaic systemswhich not only contribute to clean energy production, but also improve the quality of the working environment for our employees and visitors. These initiatives are in perfect harmony with the values of the Social Ethics Seal, which reward organizations that develop and promote actions of social innovation, ethics and responsibility.

This further strengthens our position as a company that not only leads in technical innovation, but is also a pioneer in corporate social responsibility.

With a history of passion, quality and innovation, we continue to lead the way toward new goals, always with a keen eye on the well-being of our community and the environment around us.

All JMG Pick&Carry Accessories
  • Hydraulic winch

  • Hydraulic jib with hydraulic extension

  • Man basket

  • Non-marking tires

  • Hydraulic forks

  • Atex conversations

  • Mechanical extension cord

  • Mechanical jib

  • Customized painting


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JMG Cranes designs and manufactures battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes from 0.9 to 70 tons that find application in a wide range of industries.


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