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Request Technical SupportWelcome to our technical support request form. At JMG Cranes, we are committed to ensuring a comprehensive support for our customers. Fill out the following form to provide us with details about your request for assistance. Our specialized team will be ready to assist you in shortest possible time.

To ensure a quick and accurate response, we kindly ask you to provide all relevant information regarding the problem or request for assistance. Our goal is to resolve each issue efficiently, allowing you to return to work without interruption.

We are here to guaranteeing you maximum satisfaction and support in your lifting and handling needs.

Thank you for choosing JMG Cranes.


Request technical assistance on JMG Cranes by filling out the following form.

JMG Cranes s.p.a.

JMG Cranes designs and manufactures battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes from 0.9 to 70 tons that find application in a wide range of industries.


Registered Office:
Via Dante, 15 26100 CREMONA (CR)

Commercial Headquarters - Service & Spare Parts - Customer Administration
Via Bergamo, 142 - 26100 CREMONA (CR)

Production Headquarters
Via Zuccherificio, 2 29010 - SARMATO (PC)

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