Lige cabin cruise cranes: impossible bends made possible

LIGE cab pick&carry cranes combine excellent performance with truly extraordinary compactness.

What type of machines are they?

Similarly to JMG cab cranes, LIGE cranes position the operator in the centre of the pick&carry cranes, for a better perception of the machine's dimensions and the lifted load. Unlike the former, however, the boom, rather than being positioned alongside the cab, is hinged on the rear frame and made to lift by means of the usual hydraulic cylinder. 


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LIGE cab cranes are pick&carry machines that combine in-cab driving functionality with control also via radio remote control. They differ for the position of the boom which, unlike traditional cab cranes, pivots to the rear of the cab and lifts above it, allowing for an extremely narrow width.

These cranes offer flexibility of use, power and compact size, while maintaining a comfortable and ergonomic work environment for the operator. The upper position of the boom with respect to the cab allows for the width of the machine to be minimised, making it ideal for operations in tight spaces and in areas where there are many obstacles.

LIGE cab cranes are suitable for various industries, but the one where they are used the most is the marble industry for handling slabs and workpieces.

The LIGE range includes 4 models: L40, L60, L90 and L120, with capacities ranging from 4,000 kg in the L40 to 12,000 kg in the L120. Dimensions range from 3,100x1,300x2,215 mm in the L40 to 4,155x1,950x2,408 mm in the L120, offering a combination of power and compactness.

The available accessories include a hydraulic winch, a hydraulic jib, a mechanical jib with extension, non-marking wheels and a hydraulic fork, increasing the versatility and adaptability of the cranes to various lifting operations. Explosion-proof conversions are also available on request.

LIGE cab cranes stand out for their ability to operate effectively in tight spaces thanks to their extraordinary compactness and innovative boom position. This configuration allows operators to “feel” the crane when lifting the load, thus improving the precision and safety of the operations.

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