Crawler cranes: all the power of a pick&carry with the stability of an electric tracked undercarriage

The hybrid that was missing, combining the benefits of a front-mounted crane with the versatility and power of a pick&carry con la versatilità e potenza di una pick&carry.... with tracks!

What type of machines are they?

A direct spin-off of slewing cranes, JMG’s crawler cranes combine the aerial part,featuring a hydraulic boom with continuous and unlimited 360° rotation (derived from a front-mounted crane), with a full-electric tracked undercarriage driven by two independent brushless motors, one per crawler, controlled by two different radio-controlled joysticks, allowing the machine’s full rotation on its central vertical axis. 


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Crawler cranes are machines that combine the power and versatility of a pick&carry crane with the stability of an electric crawler undercarriage. These cranes feature a 360° continuous, unlimited hydraulic slewing boom driven by two independent brushless motors for exceptional manoeuvrability on all types of terrain.

Crawler cranes offer excellent stability, flexibility of use, power and compact size . They are equipped with a boom with 7 sequential extensions with a maximum capacity of 50,000 kg/m and four independent outriggers; they can also work connected to a power grid, in order to always operate at full power and recharge the batteries.

Crawler cranes can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of glazed surfaces and façades, industrial maintenance, construction, energy, chemical, petrochemical, rail, marine, rental and oil&gas.

The parent model, MC50000TE, has dimensions 5,080x2,004x2,868 mm and a capacity up to 50,000 kg/m, representing the top-of-the-range for power and lifting capacity.

The available accessories include a hydraulic winch, a hydraulic jib and non-marking crawlers. Explosion-proof conversions and customised colours are also available on request.

Crawler cranes stand out for their ability to operate with precision and power in both indoor and outdoor environments, in tight spaces or on rough terrain, thanks to their extraordinary stability and manoeuvrability.

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