Radio-controlled crane carts: a new lineage of machines

An integrated solution combiningthe operational efficiency of forklifts with the versatility and power of cranes.

What type of machines are they?

Crane carts are the product of the resourcefulness of JMG’s R&D department, skilfully combining the benefits of the classic pick&carry cab crane with those of the common forklift. It is a full-electric cab crane with the possibility for radio control, as well as the option to equip the mast with either a fork carriage or hydraulic boom with electronics, load indicator and tilting moment limiter. The variable-wheelbase undercarriage can be extended by 1,200 mm at the rear, as needed.


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These forklift cranes feature a low, set-back centre of gravity, allowing for operations at high heights and with large capacities, while keeping the machine very close to the operator's body. The front-wheel drive, the electric propulsion, the rear steering, the removable ballasts and a state-of-the-art integrated cab with all-electric operation enhance the operational efficiency and safety of these cranes.

Radio-controlled forklift cranes are particularly suitable for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, industrial plant and/or machinery maintenance and handling, energy, chemical and petrochemical, and rental.

The MC250.09FL model is capable of lifting 25 tonnes up to 0.9 metres with the carriage open, thanks to a variable-wheelbase undercarriage that can extend by 1,200 mm at the back. Its dimensions are 4,120x1,800x2,850 mm, making it a powerful and compact solution for industrial lifting.

The available accessories include a hydraulic crane boom, a radio remote control, non-marking wheels and a hydraulic fork, increasing the versatility and adaptability of the machine to various lifting operations. Explosion-proof conversions and customised colours are also available on request.

Radio-controlled forklift cranes stand out for their ability to lift heavy objects at vertical heights, in enclosed and tight spaces, combining the operational efficiency of forklift trucks with the versatility and power of cranes.

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