Self-propelled Electric Cranes: Building and Construction Transformation

In the broad landscape of building and construction, the emergence of electric Pick&Carry cranes has initiated an unprecedented transformation. These versatile machines have won a key role on construction sites around the world, revolutionizing the way lifting and handling operations are approached. Let's take a closer look at the infrastructure and construction sector and learn how electric self-propelled cranes are redefining the boundaries of productivity and efficiency.




An Essential Partner on the Worksite

JMG electric self-propelled cranes have become an essential partner for construction companies. Their agility and ease of handling have freed construction sites from previously insurmountable limitations. Regardless of the type of construction material-be it brick, concrete, beams or heavy equipment-these cranes prove reliable and powerful allies for lifting and moving loads with unparalleled precision.

Efficiency at the Highest Level

Speed is a key element in building and construction, and JMG cranes embody operational efficiency at every lift. Thanks to their electric nature and agile remote control, these cranes enable fast and smooth material handling. This speed translates into reduced downtime, allowing projects to proceed according to planned schedules

Adaptability to Terrain Conditions

On a construction site, the terrain can present unique challenges. Pick&Carry electric cranes demonstrate their versatility by overcoming rough terrain and confined spaces. Their ability to maneuver nimbly in confined spaces makes them an ideal choice for urban construction sites and sites with space constraints. This helps optimize space utilization and ensure smooth lifting operations.

Innovation in Security

Safety on the job site is paramount, and Pick&Carry electric cranes have redefined safe lifting. Operators can monitor operations from a safe distance, reducing the risk of accidents. This additional level of control results in a safer working environment for all team members.

A Future of Possibilities

The infrastructure and construction sector is constantly evolving, and electric cab or radio-controlled self-propelled cranes are playing a crucial role in this transformation. With their agility, efficiency and advanced safety, they are opening up new avenues for faster, safer and more environmentally sustainable projects. Whether moving heavy materials in confined spaces or optimizing operational speed, these cranes are shaping a future in which construction is faster, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

Models for the railway industry

    25 TON @ 900MM
    8.5 TO 70 TONS
    4 TO 12 TON
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