Innovation in Glazing and Facade Installation: Electric Pick & Carry Cranes from JMG Cranes

The glazing and facade installation industry is characterized by unique challenges and the need for innovative solutions to ensure the efficiency and safety of operators. In this context, self-propelled pick-and-carry cranes from JMG Cranes are proving to be indispensable tools, revolutionizing the way the handling of large glass and window frames is approached.




Working at Height: The Complexity of Glazing and Facade Installations

The installation of glazing and facades often requires operations at height, increasing the complexity and challenges for operators. The need to accurately place glazing or fixtures in elevated areas requires attention and expertise, as well as proper tools to ensure safety during operations. In this context, the use of self-propelled pick & carry cranes from JMG Cranes proves to be a strategic choice.

The Efficiency of Self-Propelled Pick & Carry Cranes

Self-propelled pick & carry cranes from JMG Cranes are a revolutionary solution for glazing and facade installation operations. Their main feature is their ability to move in confined and complex spaces, allowing them to comfortably reach the highest and most distant areas. This agility in lifting and moving operations results in increased efficiency and accuracy in glazing placement.

Flexibility and Safety: The Value of Pick & Carry Cranes

One of the keys to the success of self-propelled pick-and-carry cranes is their flexibility and safety. These vehicles are easy to transport and maneuver, which means they can be easily placed in the work areas best suited for operations. Their ability to reach high and distant areas, thanks to ergonomic design and advanced technologies, allows operators to work safely and with maximum precision.

Customization and Versatility: Accessories for Every Need

In addition to the basic features, JMG Cranes' self-propelled pick & carry cranes offer the possibility of customization through a range of optional accessories. These accessories include loading forks, jib, argani e il comando a distanza. Questa versatilità permette alle gru di adattarsi alle esigenze specifiche di ogni operazione, aumentando ulteriormente l'efficienza e la flessibilità.

Certified Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Operator safety is a top priority in glazing and facade installation. JMG Cranes' self-propelled pick & carry cranes are designed in compliance with all safety certifications required by international standards. This ensures that operators can work with peace of mind, knowing they have tools that meet the highest safety standards.

Revolutionizing the Installation of Glazing and Facades.

In conclusion, the use of JMG Cranes' self-propelled pick & carry cranes is revolutionizing the glazing and facade installation industry. These cranes combine efficiency, safety, flexibility and customization, giving operators the tools they need to meet the unique challenges of the industry. Through cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to innovation, JMG Cranes is shaping the future of lifting and handling operations, offering solutions that exceed expectations and make complex work at height possible with safety and efficiency.

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