Triple versatility and efficiency

The MC100.08 is a pick&carry that promises to revolutionise this category of machines, introducing a concept whose full potential is only now being exploited: modularity. The MC100.08 offers three machines in one thanks to the possibility to mount three different detachable booms at will. And, of course, they are designed to be easily transported with the machine and replaced directly on site.

The starting point...

The frame of the new MC100.08 is the extendable type, similar to that of other JMC pick&carry models, with rear steering and ballast and the battery compartment at the front. The top of the frame hosts a special cradle with the lifting cylinder and a base arm that serves as a coupling for the three different booms, without which the machine can move but not lift.

...and the 3 fantastic booms

We’ve already written it, but we’ll say it again: the MC100.08 is available with three different booms and the client can choose whether to purchase all three, or just two. Let's take a closer look, starting from the short boom, with only one hydraulic extension and supplied with forks, with a 14 t vertical lifting capacity at 5 m thanks to a centre of gravity positioned at 600 mm. This boom is ideal for typical forklift works, that is, extremely vertical. If, instead of the forks, a small hook is mounted, the machine can perform crane-like lifting operations. The intermediate boom has three hydraulic elements with proportional extension, with tilting head that can mount all JMG attachments, including the fork supplied with the short boom. With this boom, the machine’s centre of gravity shifts to 800 mm and the MC100.08 can lift up to 10 t. Last but not least, the long boom: this is the longest of the three with two hydraulic extensions and the same tilting head as the intermediate boom. The lifting capacity is the same too (10 t) as is the possibility to mount all the attachments. What makes this boom different to the previous one is the longer extension. The possibility to mount any of the three booms according to need, means the MC100.08 can be used as a crane (10 t capacity) or forklift (14 t vertical). But how does the interchangeability work? Simply slew the cradle arm to connect the boom you want to work with. Once this is done, the safety locks automatically click in and you can start working. The machine is equipped with all the safety functions of JMG cranes and has been enhanced with special software to automatically recognise the boom type (by means of electric and hydraulic connectors), and to enable all the possible attachments. According to Matteo Montagno, R&D Manager at JMG, “the hardest part was definitely finding a way to create a modular machine structure while keeping the weight down. Moreover, the modularity had to meet standardisation criteria with other JMG models, allowing MC100.08 to use the same attachments and accessories.”

In conclusion The MC100.08 is smaller than the closed MC100S, but has similar capacities to those of the MC130S. Compact, agile, powerful and versatile. What more could you want?

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