Here's where to meet JMG CRANES in May: on the 25th at the opening of the new production plant in Sarmato, and in Piacenza from the 29th to the 31st at the Gas expo Pipeline


The inauguration will be held SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.
at Via Zuccherificio, 2 29010 Sarmato (PC)

To participate write to
For more information +39 0523 8486 | 

The company is ready to welcome with great enthusiasm all customers and friends who would like to participate in this event so significant in so many ways: professional, social and human

An industrial complex of innovation for liftingo

The new production facility is a real Industrial complex dedicated to innovation in lifting, not surprisingly, the new location has already been christened the "Crane Citadel."
What JMG CRANES will be opening on May 25 is a space entirely dedicated to pick-and-carry innovation, where they are working to make these machines ever more high-performance, innovative and green. 
In fact, the commitment of JMG CRANES, which specializes in the production of electric cranes, has always been aimed at making work easier and safer, with innovative solutions that are also sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

An urban redevelopment industrial complex with a green heart

The company is also distinguished by theattention also paid to people and the territory che accoglie le sue attività. L’inaugurazione del nuovo stabilimento sarà un evento significativo anche per la città di Sarmato, visto che la nuova Cittadella delle Gru sorge su un’area industriale rimasta abbandonata per circa 20 anni.Il 25 maggio quindi si celebrerà anche la buona riuscita di un’imponente opera di riqualificazione urbana che segna, anche per la comunità, il ritorno alla vita e alla produttività di una zona del suo territorio altrimenti abbandonata al degrado.

The JMG CRANES Grand Opening on May 25.

L’evento di inaugurazione del 25 maggio prenderà il via alle 15.00 with registration of attendees.
The first part of the event will be dedicated to the more institutional ceremonies, the Blessing of the Company and the Ribbon Cutting.
After a brief Coffee Break, at 4:30 p.m. there will be the interventions involving various representatives of the community: the Authorities, the Management and the Workers.
Alle ore 18.00 si apre invece la fase conviviale dell’evento con aperitivo and cena.

JMG CRANES will also be at the Gas expo Pipeline

The opening of the venue is not the only event this month featuring JMG CRANES.
From May 29 to 31, the company will be at the Gas expo Pipeline in Piacenza, Italy., the only European exhibition-convention entirely dedicated to the mid-stream and distribution network sectors of "oil & gas," power generation and water.

At the Gas expo Pipeline, JMG CRANES brings its battery-powered electric cranes which, thanks to their efficiency, sustainability and ability to operate in confined spaces, are able to respond perfectly to the needs of the pipeline and gas sector. The pick&carry JMG CRANES provide an advanced technology solution for handling and lifting of materials and equipment used nello storage and transportation of hydrocarbons and gas, and work on water networks.
The power supply of these machines, their efficiency and versatility make the work environment healthier, reducing environmental impact and improving people's operations.

An unmissable event to discover the latest innovations in the oil & gas field.

JMG Cranes confirms its presence at the upcoming edition of the Pipeline & Gas Expo, which will take place at Piacenza Expo from May 29 to May 31, 2024. This exhibition event is the only one in Europe to focus exclusively on the mid-stream sectors and distribution networks in the oil & gas field, as well as in water networks.

JMG Cranes' participation in these fair underscores our constant commitment to innovation and the search for cutting-edge solutions to meet the increasingly specific and complex needs of our customers. It will be a unique opportunity to present our range of battery-powered electric cranes, which are distinguished for their efficiency, sustainability, and ability to operate in confined spaces, offering optimal solutions for the pipeline and gas sector.

Electric self-propelled cranes represent an innovative breakthrough for mid-stream sectors, offering advanced solutions for the movement and lifting of materials in complex industrial environments like those of oil & gas and water networks. This cutting-edge and sustainable technology brings numerous advantages that can transform daily operations, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Innovation in Mid-Stream Sectors Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Le Electric self-propelled cranes consume less energy compared to their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, grazie alla loro capacità di riutilizzare l'energia generata durante le operazioni di abbassamento e frenata. Questo non solo riduce i costi operativi ma contribuisce anche a minimizzare l'impronta carbonica delle operazioni mid-stream.

Emission Reduction

The absence of direct emissions makes electric self-propelled cranes particularly suitable for use in enclosed spaces or areas with severe environmental restrictions. This aspect is crucial for mid-stream sectors, where sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations are increasingly prioritized.

Precision and Control

Electric self-propelled cranes offer greater movement precision and control, essential for the safe handling of hazardous or delicate materials, typical of the oil & gas sectors and water networks. Advanced control technology allows for safer operations and reduces the risk of accidents and material damage.

Noise Reduction

The quiet operation of electric cranes significantly improves the working environment, reducing noise exposure for operators and limiting noise pollution in the surrounding areas. This benefit is particularly relevant in urban environments or sites close to residential communities.

Maintenance and Longevity

Electric self-propelled cranes require less maintenance compared to traditional combustion cranes, thanks to fewer mechanical parts subject to wear. This translates into greater reliability and reduces long-term maintenance costs.


The compact design and mobility of electric self-propelled cranes make them ideal for operating in confined spaces, a key feature for mid-stream sites where space may be limited. Their ability to adapt to various work environments makes them a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

At the Pipeline & Gas fair booth, where our team of experts will be available to discuss your specific needs, showcase the latest innovations, and explore together the best solutions for your operations. Being present at this event is an important opportunity for us to meet and exchange with professionals and companies in the Pipeline & Gas sector where the use of electric self-propelled cranes is a point of reference for the future.

For more information about the fair and to arrange a meeting with our team during the event, we invite you to contact us directly.

See You in Piacenza!

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