On Saturday 15.06.2024 the new JMG Tour pit-stop will arrive at the

F.lli Sandri Company.

The 7th pit-stop of the JMG Tour is very soon to come!

ON SATURDAY 15 JUNE 2024, at 09:00 a.m.
in Via
Nazionale, 2 - 36056 - Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI)

To participate write to marketing@jmgcranes.com
For more information +39 0523 8486 | www.jmgcranes.com 

The JMG Tour, a mobile exhibition that moves for you!

The "mobile exhibition" to be closer to the Customer

The JMG Tour was born a year ago, with the goal of being even closer to its customers through organised visits that become real events. The symbol of the JMG Tour is the roulotte, a kind of mobile office in which the different departments of JMG (marketing, sales, technical, service and chef) come together and travel around Europe to give even more value to the customer.

JMG Tour, an exhibition that moves for you!

The JMG Tour really does look like an exhibition... but mobile! On Saturday 15th June, part of the JMG team will stop by the F.lli Sandri company, in Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta. It will be a day of sharing with friends and customers. All JMG departments will be at the complete disposal of the company and their guests.

Visit us on Saturday 15 June at the F.lli Sandri Company!

We will exchange ideas about the world of electric lifting by spending time together.

tappa n°7 JMG Tour

The modularity of the JMG telescopic forklift cranes allows for advanced customization, allowing each machine to be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. This approach improves operational efficiency and optimizes maintenance costs thanks to the ease with which components can be replaced. The ability to configure different telescopic boom, counterweights and optional makes JMG forklift cranes extremely versatile.

MC80.06: Compact Power and Adaptability

Il modello MC80.06 è noto per la sua combinazione di potenza e compattezza, con una portata massima di 12.000 kg. Le sue dimensioni compatte (3200x1500x1945 mm) lo rendono ideale per operare in spazi ristretti. Equipaggiato con motori elettrici AC da 6,5 kW, offre una trazione anteriore robusta e un sistema elettronico avanzato per il controllo del carico. Gli optional disponibili, come l'argano idraulico e il jib idraulico, aumentano ulteriormente la sua versatilità​​.

MC100.08: Versatility and Innovation

L'MC100.08 si distingue per la sua capacità di operare in configurazioni diverse, con una portata massima di 15.000 kg e dimensioni compatte (3490x1600x2034 mm). Grazie all'innovativa funzione di cambio ed innesto del braccio, questo modello può adattarsi a diverse necessità operative. È dotato di un'autonomia fino a 8 ore e offre una gamma di accessori, tra cui bracci telescopici, forche e jib, che lo rendono estremamente versatile e adatto a una vasta gamma di applicazioni industriali​​.

Comparison between MC80.06 and MC100.08

Maximum Capacity12.000 kg15.000 kg
Dimensions3200x1500x1945 mm3490x1600x2034 mm
Electric Engine2x Electric Engines AC 6,5 kW (80V)2x Electric Engines AC 7,5 kW (80V)
Autonomy8 hours8 hours
AccessoriesHydraulic winch, Hydraulic jib, ForksTelescopic jib, Forks, Hydraulic winch

The MC80.06 is perfect for operations requiring significant power in confined spaces, thanks to its compact structure and excellent maneuverability. The MC100.08 offers greater lifting capacity and superior flexibility, making it suitable for a wider range of industrial applications.

Applications of JMG Telescopic Forklift cranes
JMG telescopic forklift cranes find application in various industries due to their versatility and modularity.

Logistics and Warehouse Handling: JMG telescopic cranes are ideal for handling heavy loads within warehouses. Their compactness allows them to operate in tight spaces, while modularity allows customization to specific logistical needs.

Construction and Maintenance of Industrial Plants: On construction sites, telescopic forklift cranes are used to lift and position heavy materials. The ability to configure the telescopic boom and add optional such as jibs and forks makes them essential tools for industrial plant maintenance.

Energy Sector and Utilities: In the energy sector, telescopic forklift cranes are used for managing and installing heavy and delicate components, such as transformers and generators. Their precision and advanced load control ensure safe and efficient operations.

Maintenance of Public Infrastructure: JMG cranes are often used for maintaining public infrastructure, such as bridges and railway networks. Their ability to operate in confined spaces and the possibility of customization make them suitable for these operational contexts.

Metalworking Industry: In the metalworking industry, JMG telescopic forklift cranes are used for moving heavy metal components and for assembly operations. Their robustness and versatility ensure reliable performance.

The modularity and flexibility of JMG telescopic forklift cranes represent a significant competitive advantage, enabling a wide range of operational challenges to be met with customized and efficient solutions. Both the MC80.06 and MC100.08 offer unique features that make them indispensable in different contexts.

Harness innovative strength to elevate your industrial challenges.

In the ever-evolving industrial landscape, JMG carry deck slewing cranes stand out as pioneers of innovation and reliability. Designed to offer impeccable maneuverability and control even in the tightest spaces, these cranes are the ultimate solution for your industrial maintenance needs.

With a wide range spanning from compact cranes to high-capacity lifting solutions, JMG Cranes is your trusted partner for customized lifting solutions that elevate your expectations.

Advanced Technology for Unprecedented Control

JMG carry deck cranes are equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures precise control and unparalleled maneuverability. A perfect blend of intelligent design and high-quality components allows these cranes to deliver superior performance in every situation.

Technical Features

At the heart of the JMG product range are three models of carry deck slewing cranes that embody innovation and power: the MC100RE, the MC22500RE, and the MC50000RE. Each of these cranes is designed with a set of technical features that make them indispensable tools in the industrial sector.

3 Pillars of JMG carry deck cranes:

At the heart of the JMG product range are three models of carry deck cranes! that embody innovation and power:

  • MC50000RE: The unrivaled queen of heavy lifting
  • MC100RE: The compact crane that excels with precision even in tight spaces
  • MC22500RE: The powerful and versatile crane to elevate your industrial ambitions

The MC50000RE is a true powerhouse, with a maximum lifting capacity of 50,000 kg/m. Despite its imposing size and overall weight of 22,000 kg, this crane boasts surprising agility, thanks to its compact dimensions of 5130x2050x2810 mm, making it a master of maneuverability even in the tightest spaces. The 96 V, 1240 Ah battery provides up to 8 hours of autonomy, allowing you to work for long periods without inginterruptions. Additionally, you can customize your crane with a range of options, including a tilting hydraulic jib, a hydraulic winch, and non-marking wheels.

On the other hand, the MC100RE offers a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 kg , making it an excellent choice for smaller but no less important projects. With an overall weight of 12,000 kg and dimensions of 4150x1850x1980 mm , this crane is designed to offer a perfect combination of power and maneuverability. The 80 V, 920 Ah battery provides up to 8 hours of autonomy, ensuring you can complete your work without worrying about recharging. Like the MC50000RE, this model also offers a range of options for complete customization.

Heir to the renowned MC50000RE, the MC22500RE combines the best of carry & deck cranes with a rear cab crane arm. A concentration of power in compact dimensions, perfect for mastering the most complex industrial layouts.

The articulated carry deck cranes MC22500RE allows for continuous and unlimited 360° hydraulic arm rotation. The proportions are smaller, but this extends the operational possibilities of this machine dedicated to industrial handling even within the most complex and hard-to-reach layouts.

The JMG-MC22500RE is essentially composed of the undercarriage of the carry-deck JMG - MC100RE fitted with a 9 tm class rear cab crane, the 22500 E4 ASC PLUS by Cormach, and produced following some standardization principles. In JMG, things are never simple, so the market launch of this new machine coincided with the introduction of the "modularity" concept of undercarriages.

This approach, besides positively impacting costs, also simplifies production, which will inevitably reflect positively on the final customer price. Moreover, from a technical perspective, the undercarriage is particularly versatile as it is perfect for both articulated crane arms and classic combinations with telescopic pick&carry arms. All in the name of modularity, with components and parts of machines being made from the outset for maximum compatibility and versatility.

In the MC22500RE, the industrial concept translates into a machine that perfectly embodies one of JMG's core ideas, a producer of compact solutions that achieve top-level performance.

The dimensions: 1860 mm in width, 4150 mm in length, and 2390 mm in height, determining the total weight of the machine (including ballast) at 12,500 kg. With a maximum stabilization area of 3925x3030 mm, the crane arm features a maximum forward outreach of 11.56 m, while the maximum height of the 7 extensions is 14 m. The maximum lifting capacity (4100 kg) is at 4 m from the turntable. Rear and side outreach and operating heights remain identical, but capacities tend to decrease slightly with the increase in distance from the turntable, both horizontally and vertically. Choosing the jib option, with the same stabilization area, the maximum height and outreach become 22 and 20 m, respectively. Optional features include the cited jib, non-marking wheels, personnel basket, and explosion-proof transformation. Not to mention the possibility to customize the machine's color.


Maximum static moment        22.500 kgm
Maximum height14 m
Tilting angle80°
Rotation time70 s
Width1.850 mm
Length4.150 mm
Height2.100 mm
Weight12.500 kg

Why Choose JMG slewing Cranes

Choosing a JMG slewing crane means investing in a high-quality, reliable, and durable product. Safety is one of our top priorities, and each crane is equipped with advanced safety systems to protect both personnel and equipment. Additionally, our team of experts is always available to provide technical assistance and after-sales support, ensuring you get the most out of your JMG crane.

Here's where to meet JMG CRANES in May: on the 25th at the opening of the new production plant in Sarmato, and in Piacenza from the 29th to the 31st at the Gas expo Pipeline


The inauguration will be held SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.
at Via Zuccherificio, 2 29010 Sarmato (PC)

To participate write to marketing@jmgcranes.com
For more information +39 0523 8486 | www.jmgcranes.com 

The company is ready to welcome with great enthusiasm all customers and friends who would like to participate in this event so significant in so many ways: professional, social and human

An industrial complex of innovation for liftingo

The new production facility is a real Industrial complex dedicated to innovation in lifting, not surprisingly, the new location has already been christened the "Crane Citadel."
What JMG CRANES will be opening on May 25 is a space entirely dedicated to pick-and-carry innovation, where they are working to make these machines ever more high-performance, innovative and green. 
In fact, the commitment of JMG CRANES, which specializes in the production of electric cranes, has always been aimed at making work easier and safer, with innovative solutions that are also sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

An urban redevelopment industrial complex with a green heart

The company is also distinguished by theattention also paid to people and the territory che accoglie le sue attività. L’inaugurazione del nuovo stabilimento sarà un evento significativo anche per la città di Sarmato, visto che la nuova Cittadella delle Gru sorge su un’area industriale rimasta abbandonata per circa 20 anni.Il 25 maggio quindi si celebrerà anche la buona riuscita di un’imponente opera di riqualificazione urbana che segna, anche per la comunità, il ritorno alla vita e alla produttività di una zona del suo territorio altrimenti abbandonata al degrado.

The JMG CRANES Grand Opening on May 25.

L’evento di inaugurazione del 25 maggio prenderà il via alle 15.00 with registration of attendees.
The first part of the event will be dedicated to the more institutional ceremonies, the Blessing of the Company and the Ribbon Cutting.
After a brief Coffee Break, at 4:30 p.m. there will be the interventions involving various representatives of the community: the Authorities, the Management and the Workers.
Alle ore 18.00 si apre invece la fase conviviale dell’evento con aperitivo and cena.

JMG CRANES will also be at the Gas expo Pipeline

The opening of the venue is not the only event this month featuring JMG CRANES.
From May 29 to 31, the company will be at the Gas expo Pipeline in Piacenza, Italy., the only European exhibition-convention entirely dedicated to the mid-stream and distribution network sectors of "oil & gas," power generation and water.

At the Gas expo Pipeline, JMG CRANES brings its battery-powered electric cranes which, thanks to their efficiency, sustainability and ability to operate in confined spaces, are able to respond perfectly to the needs of the pipeline and gas sector. The pick&carry JMG CRANES provide an advanced technology solution for handling and lifting of materials and equipment used nello storage and transportation of hydrocarbons and gas, and work on water networks.
The power supply of these machines, their efficiency and versatility make the work environment healthier, reducing environmental impact and improving people's operations.

Explore the unique features of the JMG MC100.08 crane. Perfect for tight spaces, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 kg and flexible configuration options. Ideal for every industry.

In the industrial scene, the JMG MC100.08 crane emerges as a genuine innovation in the pick&carry sector . Its modular and compact design offers unprecedented versatility, meeting lifting needs in diverse environments with agility and precision. It's a blend of strength and flexibility, designed to optimize time and resources, aligning with sustainability values through the adoption of lithium batteries. The MC100.08 is the ideal solution for those seeking high efficiency and low environmental impact.

This crane's innovative design introduces the concept of modularity, featuring versatility never before seen in this category. This unique feature allows the MC100.08 to transform and adapt to a variety of work requirements, making it an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution.

Triple Versatility: one machine, three cranes

The MC100.08 exemplifies modularity in the pick&carry crane world, capable of mounting three different types of arms—short, medium, and long—each designed for specific lifting and handling applications, making the MC100.08 a flexible and adaptable solution.

  • Short Arm: For intensive vertical lifts, like those by a forklift, this arm has a 14-ton capacity at 5 meters height.
  • Medium Arm: Equipped with three telescopic sections and a tilting head, this arm is versatile, capable of lifting up to 10 tons.
  • Long Arm:Suited for tasks requiring extended reach, with lifting capacity similar to the medium arm but greater extension.

Interchangeability and Advanced Safety

The arm interchange system is intuitively designed and secure, with automatic safety locks. The crane recognizes the mounted arm and enables corresponding equipment, ensuring safe and optimal operation.

Compact Design: Its smart design ensures maximum maneuverability in tight spaces, crucial in modern construction sites where every centimeter counts.

Configurability: With its innovative arm swapping and docking function, the MC100.08 offers multiple configurations, increasing its utility in various work scenarios.

Capacità di Sollevamento Elevata: con una portata massima di 15.000 kg, la gru MC100.08 non fa solo numeri, ma solleva effettivamente il lavoro pesante, dimostrandosi essere uno dei giganti più potenti della sua categoria.

Energy Sustainability: Equipped with lithium batteries, this crane promises not only extensive operational autonomy but also environmental care by reducing emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Agility and Precision in Confined Spaces

The MC100.08 excels at maneuvering with precision in tight spaces, thanks to its compact design and reduced footprint. The crane is powered by a lithium battery, ensuring extended and sustainable operation with a reduced environmental impact.

Applications Across Various Sectors

Construction: In urban sites or spaces with limited room, the MC100.08 moves with millimeter precision, lifting heavy materials without compromising safety or efficiency.

Industry: In production areas where every move counts, the MC100.08 can transport heavy machinery or materials as effortlessly as a surgeon wields a scalpel.

Logistics: Warehouses and distribution centers can revolutionize heavy load handling, optimizing time and processes with the MC100.08.

Eventi e Spettacoli: Il montaggio e smontaggio di strutture come palchi o attrezzature non è mai stato così agevole, sicuro e rapido.

Technological Innovation and Collaboration

The creation of the MC100.08 was made possible through the synergistic work of JMG's R&D team. Each team member contributed their expertise, from mechanical and structural design to the integration of electrical systems, resulting in a machine that not only functions but excels in every aspect.

With more compact dimensions than previous models and power comparable to larger cranes, the MC100.08 is set to project into the future of industrial lifting, promising to be a valuable addition to any company fleet and a smart investment for forward-thinking businesses.

The JMG MC100.08 perfectly synthesizes power and flexibility and is already available for orders and was officially presented in October 2023. Developed in the province of Piacenza, this crane is not only a demonstration of Italian industrial know-how but also a testament to how ingenuity can create solutions that exceed expectations.

If you're looking for a crane that adapts to various work settings with efficiency and reliability, the MC100.08 is the ideal solution to elevate your business.

The technological evolution in the crane sector has led to the development of innovative solutions like cabin cruise electric cranes, which optimize lifting operations across various industrial settings. Specifically, cabin cruise electric cranes enhance lifting operations in terms of precision, safety, comfort, versatility, and sustainability.

Which are the main advantages offered by cabin cruise electric cranes, and why are more and more companies choosing to adopt them?

Optimal Precision and Control

Un punto di forza distintivo delle gru elettriche cabinate è la precisione e il controllo impeccabili che garantiscono durante le manovre di sollevamento. La cabina di guida offre all'operatore una visuale panoramica completa sul carico e sull'area circostante, consentendogli di posizionarlo con estrema accuratezza. Questa precisione è fondamentale in settori come la manifattura, la logistics, and theedilizia, dove ogni centimetro conta e la massima cura deve essere riposta in ogni movimento.

Advanced Safety

La Safety rappresenta un aspetto imprescindibile in qualsiasi operazione di sollevamento. Le gru elettriche cabinate contribuiscono ad elevare gli standard di sicurezza sul posto di lavoro in diversi modi:

Operator Protection: The enclosed cab provides the operator with a safe and protected environment from adverse weather conditions and critical environmental conditions.

Improved Visibility: The cab offers a wide and complete view of the site, allowing the operator to promptly identify potential hazards and act accordingly.

Risk Reduction: Integrated safety systems in the cranes, such as load limiters and anti-tip devices, help minimize the risk of accidents.

Comfort and Fatigue Reduction

Cabin cruise electric cranes are designed to offer a comfortable working environment, a fundamental aspect for those who spend long hours in the cabin during lifting operations Ergonomic seats, intuitive controls, and integrated air conditioning systems help reduce operator fatigue and improve concentration. A comfortable operator will work more efficiently and productively.

Versatility: Direct and Remote Control

A distinctive advantage of cabin cruise electric cranes is their versatility in control. The operator can choose between direct control from the cabin or remote control, depending on the specific needs of the operation. This flexibility is particularly useful in situations where a remote view provides greater safety or when direct control is required for high-precision manoeuvrable. This adaptability allows for optimizing the efficiency of operations in every circumstance.

Sustainable and Ecological Choice

Cabin electric cranes represent an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. The use of electric power, compared to traditional fuel sources, results in reduced emissions of harmful gases and a lesser impact on the environment. This aspect is becoming increasingly important in an era where sustainability is a global goal.

In which sectors and applications are Enclosed Electric Cranes most often used?

In all sectors that require high precision and safety, such as the manufacturing, logistics, construction, and energy sectors. They are particularly useful in environments where delicate and precise handling of heavy or bulky materials is necessary, ensuring safe and efficient operations even in challenging work conditions.

Whicht models of Enclosed Cranes does JMG offer?

JMG Cranes offers several models of enclosed electric cranes:

  • MC85: compatta e versatile, ideale per lavori in spazi ristretti.
  • MC120: powerful and maneuverable, suitable for multiple applications.
  • MC160: robust and efficient, designed for intensive work.
  • MC210: versatile and high-performance, ideal for large construction sites.
  • MC250: powerful and precise, designed for maximum performance.
  • MC350: top of the range, ideal for the most demanding lifting operations
  • MC400: an advanced solution for complex industrial needs, ensuring maximum reliability and safety.
  • MC580: perfect for applications requiring extreme strength and high lifting capacity.
  • MC650: ideal for large-scale operations and high precision.
  • MC700MT: the ultimate choice for large-scale projects, with cutting-edge sustainability features.

Enclosed electric cranes from JMG Cranes stand out for their precision, safety, comfort, versatility, and sustainability, representing an ideal solution to enhance lifting operations across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Inaugurazione nuova sede jmg

It is with great pleasure that JMG Cranes officially invites you to the inauguration of the new production facility in
Sarmato (PC), via Zuccherificio,2.
Saturday, May 25, 2024 starting at 3:00 p.m.
Details of the day will be broadcast as soon as possible!
We look forward to seeing you!!!

For information and participation, fill out the form

The first JMG crane

We are extremely pleased to see the first JMG crane, an MC100S for our customer Vecchiato Autotrasporti Srl, come out of the doors of the newly completed JMG manufacturing plant in Via Zuccherificio in Sarmato (PC), where the new citadel of electric cranes is taking shape. We will remember this moment as an important milestone in the history of JMG Cranes! We would like to thank all our employees and customers who have trusted and accompanied us all these years.

We grow with you and invest in order to always provide you with a high level of quality.
Today is another starting point that will guide us into the future!

Incentivi alla transizione digitale e alla sostenibilità ambientale – DM 10 febbraio 2022 e DD 12 aprile 2022

Realizzazione di investimenti innovativi, sostenibili e contraddistinti da un contenuto tecnologico elevato e coerente al piano nazionale Transizione 4.0.

"Finanziato nell’ambito della risposta dell’Unione alla pandemia di COVID-19"

JMG Cranes è leader globale nella progettazione e produzione di gru pick & carry (gru semoventi) elettriche a batteria che trovano applicazione in un’ampia gamma di settori industriali.

Il progetto riguarda l’acquisto di immobilizzazioni materiali necessarie per l’integrazione verticale e orizzontale del ciclo logistico aziendale in un nuovo stabilimento da avviare.

La realizzazione del progetto consentirà di gestire, secondo quanto previsto dal paradigma 4.0, la fornitura dei pezzi nelle isole di produzione e l’avanzamento della commessa. Le informazioni relative disponibilità dei materiali, il prelievo da magazzino e l’avanzamento delle commesse saranno interconnesse al sistema gestionale aziendale.

Numero ID progetto:IS0108844
CUP:    CUP C45H23000040008
Durata:20/05/2022 - 10/11/2023
Sede investimento:   SARMATO (PC)
Costo approvato progetto: € 1.459.787,50
Agevolazione concessa:€ 364.946,00 contributo in conto impianti

Cofinanziamento a valere sul Programma Operativo Nazionale Imprese e Competitività 2014-2020 (PON IC) – Asse VI REACT EU – Priorità di investimento 13i – Azione RA3.1 – Bando INVESTIMENTI SOSTENIBILI 4.0 – REACT – Incentivi alla transizione digitale e alla sostenibilità ambientale – DM 10 febbraio 2022 e DD 12 aprile 2022.

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JMG Cranes designs and manufactures battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes from 0.9 to 70 tons that find application in a wide range of industries.


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