JMG is "Move to Solution"

Just two words.

MOVE: Evolve, change gear, follow the market or rather, foresee it.

SOLUTION: The proposal is not limited to the product, but is a real solution to a specific need.

Over the years the lifting market has developed, the offer of the machines has developed. Thanks to the innovation brought about by electric lifting cranes, a real "step forward" has been made.

Industry increasingly requires electric machineries able to meet specific requirements: high autonomylow environmental impacteasy maintenance and, in general, low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Pick & Carry cranes are indeed appreciated for all these peculiarities and their versatility finding even more applications also in niche markets such as logistics and exceptional transport.

JMG Cranes sales approach is enclosed in the meaning of its pay-off.

"Move to solution" for JMG basically means:

  • LISTENING to the customer’s specific requirements;
  • EVALUATION of the best solution through a feasibility study;
  • DESIGN of the prototype by our Research & Development team in coordination with the customer to ensure that the technical characteristics are always aligned and suitable for the final application;
  • CONSTRUCTION of the crane and its accessories: the solution finally takes shape.

"Move to Solution" doesn’t mean simply producing a crane but goes much further, offering a customized SERVICE that takes care of the customer even in the post-sales phase. Customized technical and commercial training programs; routine maintenance programs to ensure the best performance over time and maximize the crane efficiency; remote assistance in 5 languages and on-site assistance throughout the national and international territory with spare parts service.

All this is “Move To Solution”.

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