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On May 20th, JMG Cranes took part in Be Innovation, a convention organized annually in Cremona by Bollino Etico Sociale (a social & ethics association) which this year was focused on “Social innovation, the contribution of the individual for the common good".

It has been a real pleasure to participate as speakers at this event where people and companies who make Social Innovation talk and share experiences.

" Social Innovation is an important topic for JMG: a company that recognizes its value made by people who try to bring this value into their actions." The focus of the speech brought to the stage by Sara Mondini, Marketing & Communication for JMG Cranes, was: Marketing as an Expression of Value. "We did not talk about cranes, rather we talked about them, but at a higher level. " Sell a product without talking about my product. "How can you do it? Telling about that world of values that accompanies it, which are already inside that product and are just waiting to be made visible, to be transferred, to be perceived and meet the customer. Perceptions and our feelings guide our sensations, touch our strings, excite us and lead our decision-making process. In everyday life as in business.

First of all, every company should identify its VALUES sharing them with all those people who make a company alive, so that they can feel the first Company Ambassadors, those who proudly represent the brand.

Being aware of the corporate values, helps everyone to know the road they are walking.

The 3 most representative values of JMG Cranes? GREEN, PEOPLE, INNOVATION.


After the economic sustainability that, of course, every company aims to achieve, is the ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - (Green) and SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY - (People).

JMG Cranes is “green” by vocation: product, structure, actions.

The company headquarters has a level of energy efficiency that makes it self-sufficient; the events organized are sustainable according to ISO 20121 guidelines; digitization, that should involve every department from marketing to service, to production, aims -to optimize working times and activities, reducing, for example, the use of paper supports or the need for assistance by being able to give remote support thanks to innovative diagnostic instrumentation.


Social sustainability merges with environmental sustainability as the actions implemented from a green perspective minimize the impact on people.


And finally, Innovation: looking towards the future, the power of thought that anticipates and creates. The conscious desire, which becomes a responsibility, to change the world by innovating it.

Each of us can do Social Innovation.

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