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JMG Cranes works in industrial self-propelled cranes world with a high quality level, positioning itself as leader in this sector. It designs, manufactures, sells and rents a full range of self-propelled battery cranes from 2 to 100 t capacity. JMG Cranes has an expert team of engineers that develop an innovative product, based on the knowledge of the past but towards the future. The purpose of JMG Cranes is to combine  best performances with an elegant design: designers have focused on the best load distribution, respecting the lines, and cranes are designed to be easily moved and used as well. Designers and engineers work together to reach an industrial production oriented to customer needs.

Our manufacturing plant, that is situated in Sarmato (Piacenza Italy), manufactures self-propelled cranes respecting ISO 9001:2008. JMG offers precise solutions in picking, carrying and placing for a wide range of applications in several industries. JMG has a significant presence in 3 continents and it is known for an excellent customer service, through its wide range and expanding network, constantly focused to become a global brand.


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