Ottime alternative ai tradizionali carrelli elevatori.
Una scelta migliore in termini di performances, precisione di movimento e compattezza.

Safety First: when safety makes the difference

Let’s talk about safety on JMG pick & Carry cranes and all the dedicated devices that help to guarantee the highest level of safety.


The LMI system is the electronic load indicator and tilting moment limiting system. It is a safety device, a legal requirement, which guarantees our Pick & Carry the highest performance standards while maintaining the total versatility of the crane in conditions of absolute safety.

The LMI system comes into operation when the machine starts up and, thanks to a calculation algorithm that crosses the data detected by the angle-extension sensor located on the boom (which virtually estimate the position of the load) with the measurements of the pressure transducers mounted on the lifting cylinder, obtains the lifted load and, if necessary, stops the machine to keep it in safe conditions.

This special configuration of JMG's LMI System is possible thanks to an extremely accurate design carried out by the R&D Dept. that takes into account all the possible machine configurations.

Appropriate warning systems help to prevent the danger:

  • Warning lights: a small traffic light helps the operator in handling
  • Buzzer: An audible signal is emitted by a buzzer at the moment of blockage.


This device is installed as an option on the JMG Pick & Carry and has a double function:

  1. movement detector by projecting a blue light to alert the nearby operators of the presence of the crane
  2. light trace to indicate the overall dimensions of the crane with respect to the maneuvering space.


To increase the overall safety level, each crane can be equipped with cameras.

When it comes to safety, nothing’s left to chance.

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