The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25 The versatility of MC25
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The versatility of MC25

We are in Iceland… in the picturesque town….There is a new mission for MC 25 JMG Cranes: the preparation of a futuristic supermarket, a huge mall….in the middle of nowhere. For this work an excellent team of expert crane operators was formed. The external temperature is many degrees sub zero and there is no time to perform the mission. The shopping centre has to be inaugurated within a week: everything is already set up and it is impossibile postpone the opening. The team is ready to work. The first obstacle is to get into the mall: a small artificial lake was made in front of the shopping centre, and the crossing bridges are very tight. No machine would pass there, but compact sizes of MC 25 let it to get in, because it is suitable for each work. Moreover, MC 25 is extremely transportable with its compactness,: it was enough to go to the yard to put the crane on a wagon that was pulled by a Suv,  and nothing else. Inside there is a lot of work to do: the space ,where there will be shops, bars and restaurants, is very large and it has several floors. It is necessary to complete lots of operations that are different each others: the installation of shop windows and the lighting , until the placament of decorative statues: heavy bronze  sculptures. To do all jobs in the best way it need: precision, versatility and compactness. MC 25 has it all! Any example? 
Being able to put the crane in the narrow space between emergency stairs and the wall of the shopping center to set stairs up: no other big crane could have done it, but conversely, neither small crane has  its versatility…also thank to accessoires and optional.
The short jib with high capacity allowed to install gorgeous bronze sculptures for decoration; the suction cup accessoire ,on the long jib, instead allowed  to hoist glass windows. The installation of chandeliers at the top was possible with the man basket. Another benefit of using a JMG crane were no-marking tires that did not leave any traces on precious marble floors of the mall. What about radio remote control? We asked Hans, who is the chief crane operator, who tells us his experience with JMG. Please, read what he says. “We have worked day and night nonstop. But when you work with a JMG product, time flies.. and you are not tired. Radio remote control…is very important: with this, the operator can turn around the crane and verify maneuvering spaces without any help by another operator (that is usual with other cranes): the result? Speed and saving. I have been training with my son’playstation for days” . Mr Hans loves  his job. It is evident by the excitement in telling the great undertaking. “ I love my job, I love working with JMG Cranes products”. We ask him what is the best moment during the Smakraner installation. “When we hoisted the sculptures. A timid sun just popped and it seemed to be in a movie..”

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