Pick and Carry Cranes are mobile cranes with no outriggers and are designed to lift the load and carry to its destination. They are a great alternative to traditional forklifts and they can also replace heavy lifting cranes, simply reaching the load very close. Compared to  the most common equipments in the market, like telehandlers or equivalent in capacity forklift trucks, big cranes or carry deck cranes, pick and carry cranes have proven to be a better choice. Pick and Carry cranes also seem to replace smaller truck cranes as the set up time is much quicker, safety is higher and cost is lower. 

The JMG Pick and Carry Cranes has vast capacity range 2 to 100 metric tonnes unlike its competitors. They are battery powered, very agile and versatile, which is granted by options like forks, winch, jibs and man basket. JMG electric pick & carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads, the compactness, small radius of movement, light weight and steering flexibility to move in tight spaces.


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