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MC300 bring out a punching machine MC300 bring out a punching machine MC300 bring out a punching machine
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MC300 bring out a punching machine

It deals with a complicated operation: the replacement of an old punching machine of 13t. Difficulties of the work are due to the weight of the punching machine, crane dimensions and the height of the door of the shed, a limit that is a huge problem for all competitors. The Nicolini Marco Group  crane operator is excited about MC 300 JMG Cranes, he can safely, speedly and precisely work in narrow spaces .“ I always used to see cranes with outriggers and diesel mobile cranes with different dimensions.
Instead, with MC 300 JMG Cranes, it was possible to pass through the shed…in less time” says Mr Giorgio, the team chief; these are electrical cranes, so you can work noiseless and without smoke. Crucial was the use of the hydraulic jib that allowed  to lift the charge without lifting the boom, and pass through the shed with the press to the hook. How does hydraulic jib work? It is a boom extension to attach to the head, with the possibility to be inclined until 45° and four job positions.    
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