MC85 and Pomodoro's sculpture MC85 and Pomodoro's sculpture MC85 and Pomodoro's sculpture MC85 and Pomodoro's sculpture
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MC85 and Pomodoro's sculpture

Moving among narrow spaces in an ancient palace is not surely an undertaking for all. Mostly, if the aim is to install a big and gorgeous bronze structure by Pomodoro artist. This work has been performed professionally by Nicolini’s team, leader company in handling. With MC 85 JMG Cranes electrical battery, Nicolini’s team has faced the challenge successfully, thank to  simultaneous movements and the electroproportional distributor that let to make a precision work. A thing was clear: a priceless Pomodoro’s sculpture could not be damaged. Furthermore, neither precious marble floors of the palace coul not be damaged, and non-marking tires have not left any traces on the floor.

“ We all were very anxious” says Mr Michele, expert crane operator from almost 30 years in that sector. “ Spaces in the inner courtyard were very narrow… and if we had not had a JMG crane, we would have failed. The agility of MC 85, provided by the steering axle of 180° and the absence of outriggers, let to overcome narrow hallways in a very short time and without any accidents…and  go to the specific point , where the statue had to be put. It was really necessary not to slip up. We have set the reduced speed…and with a few movements we were able to place the statue. It was a great emotion. However driving a JMG crane is not only a job, but a life style.

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