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Pick and Carry Cranes

Quick set up time, high safety standards and low operating cost

JMG Pick and Carry Cranes allow lifting and moving the load, 100% electric, battery operated, able to work 8 hours non-stop.

They are a great alternative to traditional forklifts and they can also replace heavy lifting cranes. Compared to the most common equipment in the market, like telehandlers or forklift trucks, big cranes or carry deck cranes, pick and carry cranes have proven to be a better choice in terms of performances, precision of movements and compactness.


The radio-remote controlled forklift cranes are designed to combine the convenience and multi-functionality of the fork with the potential of the hydraulic boom of cranes.

Radio Remote controlled

The range of radio remote controlled cranes is designed to perform optimal manoeuvres in narrow spaces.

Cabinate Cabin Cruise

The “Cabin-Cruise” range meets the needs of those who want to control the machine directly without giving up the possibility of remote controlling through radio-remote control.

Lige cabin cruise

The “Lige” range is made up of electric battery-operated Pick&Carry cranes, designed to guarantee agile and precise performances even in narrow spaces.

Carry deck Cranes

Their articulated telescopic boom makes them ideal for carrying out industrial maintenance. Compact and powerful, easy to manoeuvre, they guarantee very high precision movements.

Telescopic forklift

Compact and easy to handle, the telescopic forklift is designed to integrate the 8 ton hydraulic fork and the 12 ton max capacity.

Lifter Cranes

The lifter range features an innovative steering system that guaranting agility, precision and simultaneous movements.

JMG means quality, producing cranes is an art for us.

Designed to last and lower your operating costs
Best components on the market by using innovative production processes
Customer satisfaction: we ensure after sales service and spare parts worldwide

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