JMG - MC 580

JMG Cranes launches the new JMG crane - MC580

 The Piacenza-based company inaugurates 2017 by introducing a new battery operated electric pick & carry crane that can lift and transport up to 58 tons

In 2017 JMG Cranes introduces a new crane to the market, the MC580: it is a battery operated electric pick & carry crane that can lift weights of up to 58 tons. Compact and precise, it combines compactness with great performance, becoming the flagship product for the Piacenza-based company that manufactures Pick and Carry Cranes.

The advantages of the MC580 are its performance in relation to its size, the removable counterweights for transport and hydraulic boom extension of the axle that increase the capacities in the various configurations.

This crane, which is essential for more demanding operators, is equipped with:


  •  Comfortable cabin
  • 7” colour display showing all information on the crane and on the electronic load and time limiter system (compliant with EC Standards), allowing the operator to combine maximum safety thanks to full control of the machinery: the screen displays the load lifted, the maximum load to be lifted, the tilting percentage, the operating range, the angle and boom extension, all accompanied by a series of warning lights indicating the operating status.
  • Hydraulic telescopic boom with proportional output
  • All movements are controlled by radio control, which allows the surrounding spaces to be checked.
  • Joystick is used to move the boom: up/down - extend/shorten
  • Front outriggers that can be removed by the operator, without the help of other means
  • Extendible rear axle
  • Front traction
  • Steering 180°
  • Counter rotation on the front wheels
  • Maximum capacity from the front of the machine
  • Low operating costs
  • 4 removable counterweights
  • Hydraulic forks with 30 t maximum capacity and 1200 mm centre of gravity 
  • Cameras for full visibility


Read more do not miss our video on Youtube:


  • JMG CRANES --> .......580 SOLUZIONI IN PIU'! JMG - MC 580 


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