11 October 2018

JMG Cranes is My Inner Strenx!

JMG Cranes is “My Inner Strenx” certified!


My Inner Strenx is a program especially designed by the Swedish Steelworks SSAB (specialized in high strength structural steel and antiwear sheets) for manufacturers whom aim is to manufacture the best product possible, using the ”Strenx” performing steel. It is also a way for the operators and the end-users to identify the manufacturer and a product made of superior quality steel and controlled production techniques.


JMG Cranes has joined the program and has received the quality certification that proves its leaning towards the manufacturing of safest and most reliable machines.


JMG Cranes has distinguished itself already during the 2017 edition of the “Swedish Steel Prize”, the prestigious award held by SSAB in Stockholm, rewarding internationally the most innovative techniques, presenting the JMG - MC 580 battery-operated mobile crane for whose construction JMG Cranes employs “Strenx” 700 and 900 high strength steel.


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