JMG Cranes at 66th parallel: new dealer in Iceland

Smákranar was established in Iceland in 2004 and is owned by Elli Erlingsson and his wife Hildur Ingibertsdottir. Since its creation, Smákranar has been a pioneer in the special material handling, achieving the national distributorship for major mini cranes – in sales and hire.

All along the years, the employees of the company have gathered great experience in solving complex logistical problems in confined spaces both indoor and outdoor. In the last months, Smákranar had been looking to increase its offer to the customers, by adding a new product, flexible and with available optional equipments.

The goal was achieved by signing the contract with JMG Cranes during the JMG Cranes new building ceremony last month. The first JMG cranes will be available in Iceland in the next few weeks. Smákranar is now ready to offer logistic support, to sell, rent and service the Icelandic industry with the JMG Cranes.

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