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Wine Industry

When handling tanks or taking care of the maintenance of the plants, it is vitally important to move and transport loads with the maximum safety. JMG Cranes is a leading manufacturer of electric battery operated self-propelled cranes; it deals with the design, manufacture and service of its cranes and it always chooses best quality components to provide optimal service to its customers.

Crane applications in the wine industry

The use of cranes is frequent in the wine industry for tanks handling and for the plant maintenance.

It need same caution when unloading in to the warehouse; the use of cranes for cargo handling is essential.  Each crane is designed after an on-site inspection with technical advice in order to a precise design, an offer concerning construction cost, delivery, start-up, final a precise plant testing and subsequent technical assistance.

Extremely handy and compact, JMG Pick & Carry electric cranes can quickly lift and move the quickly without any outriggers. Mobile and light, they perform precise manoeuvres in order to ensure a clear and fast job.

JMG Cranes is available to make a check out the place in order to better know the customer's company. Finally, thanks to our specialist's advice, it's possible to choose the right model that is more suitable to safety all needs.

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