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Window Production

Aluminium bars to be shaped and assembled, pieces into and out of the paint shop, PVC frames, but also semi-finished products arriving from the external supplier, bags containing the production waste, unloading the packaging materials, loading the finished products: everything must move with the maximum safety, between the various departments, warehouses and yards.

Windows producers can also take advantage of the JMG Pick & Carry cranes: their compact size, the electric power supply for a safe use of the machine inside the factory, the front-wheel drive to carry heavy loads and the 180° steering angle, make versatile and agile.

In addition, the acoustic emission certification guarantees a minimum sound impact when the pick & carry is operational and where manoeuvring spaces are limited, the radio remote control version offers reduced overall volumes compared to a cabin cruiser; moreover, it ensures a higher visibility. Thanks to the operator’s freedom of movement: the safety of people and cargoes is an absolute priority, borne in mind right from the crane’s design to the expected conditions in which they will operate. JMG Pick & Carry electric cranes, with a range from 2 to 9 tons, can be operated by remote control and do not need any stabilisers: the load is lifted and transported on wheels.

Moreover, its proportional telescopic swing-arm, a unique technical solution and the intellectual property of JMG Cranes, ensures pinpoint load handling and lifting.

In terms of safety, its work lights ensure the best operational visibility, while its PL-d circuit provides maximum protection in case of uncontrolled movements. But the usefulness of these compact and at the same time powerful cranes, does not end here: they are excellent allies for plant maintenance, indispensable for moving equipment in view of a new production layout; and with the right optional accessories, JMG Pick & Carry cranes can become even more flexible: suction cups for handling glass sheets, cameras for pinpoint manoeuvring, crane forks to have the best forklift only when it is needed, a hoist chain for flexible attachment points. Should there be too many flammable products around, JMG Pick & Carry mobile cranes can be developed with ATEX, or other certified equipment, for use in environments at risk of explosion and for specific problems, JMG Cranes offers all its experience for the best possible customisation.

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