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Tyre Production

The tyre industry requires the use of tools such as cranes for moulds handling used for production and to carry out the basic maintenance of the facilities used in the production process.

The tyre production process expects the use of special metal moulds containg plastic material flows necessary to produce the finished product. The moulds are quite heavy and large, requiring the help of appropriate lifting machinery. JMG Pick & Carry mobile cranes are the best solution, thanks to their small size that allows the machine to lift and carry heavy loads. JMG cranes can work both indoors and outdoors, as part of the tyre production. The high precision of movement is one of the pluses of these machines, which may also be operated by the remote radio control, ensuring an easier and fast use.

Regarding the machinery of the maintenance, it is important to analyse the main aspect which concerns the removal of the gears and mechanisms which are part of the complex manufacturing machine. The industrial chain that allows tyre production is very complex and the plants include several parts which periodically require a structural maintenance to keep them working properly.

JMG electric Pick & Carry cranes are at the spearhead in indoor handling, also thanks to the electric power supply that ensures an easy of movement, and in narrow spaces such as in industrial facilities. The most cranes used in this field are electric mobile ones with an electric motor, which can lift up to 2.5 tons and those compact radio remote controlled, that one able to lift up to 9 tons: it means there are the best machines to operate in an industrial environment the machinary handling needs to use a correct mechanical support that is able to lift and carry precisely the piece to be over handed. As in both cases the controls of the crane are external to the machine and do not need of an operator with a special driving license.

The agility in tight spaces, the precision of the winch and the ease of movement with the radio remote control are the elements that make JMG cranes the perfect partner to support the tyre production and to ensure a good assistance under all circumstances.


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