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Paper Industry

Pick and Carry cranes are an essential tool within the textile and paper mill industry; their precision ensures the production of paper and textiles is more efficient, speeding it up and thereby increasing this production.

The pick and carry cranes can be walk behind, radio remote controlled or cabin cruiser: in any cases all movements are fully controlled by the operator during their use. Moreover, thanks to the 180° steering range and the counter-rotation, precision and safety are guaranteed even in narrows spaces and with fragile loads. JMG Pick and Carry cranes are the best choice in terms of precision and agility and are necessary in the textile and paper industries in order to maintain high product quality and to optimize production at the same time.

With a compact and attractive design, JMG cranes are employed in the paper and textile industry for plant maintenance, thereby optimizing its timing. Pick and carry cranes are used for lifting and handling coils.  JMG Pick and Carry cranes ensure excellent product quality and prevent damage during its handling.


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