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Museum Industry

Moving important artefacts, such as statues or works of art, must be carried out with specific tools that are able to ensure accuracy, stability and safety, both for small and big movements. This is why JMG electric pick and carry cranes are an excellent choice.

Thanks to their features and dimensions, they are able to move in narrow spaces, such as museum hallways or rooms, guaranteeing both the transport and the respect of the environment where they work.

From a technical point of view, JMG Pick & Carry electric cranes, provide a very small footprint, ensuring the maximum performance even in very narrow areas or those with low ceilings.

Moreover, thanks to the steering radius which characterises them, they are able to move and rotate on themselves even in small spaces, making any kind of manoeuvres.

A key element that distinguishes JMG electrical cranes is that they are silent, as they are battery-operated; they do not pollute or create exhaust fumes. This detail makes them perfect to work indoors and particularly in environments such as museums, churches or other places where artwork or statues which cannot be exposed to pollutants need to be stored. Furthermore, as they are equipped with non-marking tires, the floors and the delicate surfaces are preserved.


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