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Marine industry

JMG Cranes is a company specialised in handy and compact electric cranes, which are highly suitable for handling loads in the nautical sector.

As part of many marine ground processes, the crane is a key element to do the job.

Electric cranes are very precius during boat garaging manoeuvres: when the vessel must be placed aground for maintenance operations, or simply positioned at the end of the station, handling has to be carried out by a crane, which lifts the boat safely and carefully sets it down onto the ground supports.

This would not be possible without a mechanical system which picks up the boat from the water: pick & carry cranes are the most used tool in shipyards for this kind of operation, as they lift the load and move it to destination, accurately, with no safety risks. JMG Cranes manufactures radio remote control cranes, even easier to manage remotely.


Another area of application is the marine engines handling: when it becomes necessary to carry out maintenance interventions on such heavy components, the use of a crane allows moving the load in order to extract it from the boat, and subsequently, to reinsert it. The use of a pick & carry crane eliminates any problem concerning the shipyard’s implementation of safety measures while carrying out those works which require great attention in order to preserve product functionality together with operators’ safety.



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