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Marble and stone

The pick and carry crane is a self-propelled crane capable of lifting and transporting any cargo to its destination. The Pick and Carry JMG CRANES are also designed to handle marble and granite slabs or blocks and each model has been developed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

This ensures that JMG Pick and Carry cranes are the best choice because of their compactness, great performance, reliability and ease of use, by radio remote control and as well cabin. Thanks to their capacity and precision, JMG Pick and Carry cranes are efficient and used for lifting and transporting marble products and granites, as they allow both lifting and handling several sized stones, such as slabs, marble and granite assemblies.

The various Pick and Carry crane models have been produced according to the different needs of customers: the range offered by JMG is made by cranes which can lift from 2 to 58 tons.


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