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Maintenance and handling of printing machinery

JMG Cranes offers a wide range of pick and carry cranes for the paper industry, designed to optimise production whilst operating in complete safety. The company offers customised products to meet customer needs, relying on many years of experience, both nationally and worldwide.


For the paper industry, JMG electric self-propelled cranes can carry out maintenance work and handle printing machinery with precision, care and above all safely. Moving printing machines, their maintenance and paper coils handling are just some of the uses of JMG pick and carry cranes.


JMG Pick & Carry cranes are carefully designed and intended for paper producers and handlers of paper machinery, ensuring cost reductions in relation to productivity optimisation. JMG Cranes also knows how important it is to provide efficient and versatile cranes and wants to provide high quality and product quality, an after-sales service that satisfy customer’s needs.

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