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Iron and steel industry

JMG Cranes is specialized in the pick and carry cranes production with compact dimensions, agile and precise in their movements even in narrow spaces, suitable several industrial applications, for lifting and handling.

Within companies which deal with iron and steel processing, JMG electrical pick and carry cranes are ideal for sheet metal beams handling and iron bars. In areas like these, where the cargo carried very heavy, it is necessary to use on machinery able to ensure the workers safety.

JMG Cranes follows the customer, in very single selling step. It will offer advice at your facility in order to understand your needs and choose the right model. Choosing JMG Cranes means relying on electric battery operated cranes using the most modern production processes, in total respect of the environment where we live.

A trademark offering reliability, professionalism and kindness respect of that has been woorking with partners all over the world.

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