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Industry Foundries

Maintenance and repair work carried out in plants and production activities represent a delicate and potentially dangerous moment, both for the operators who perform intervention and for those who, for several reason, are located close to the site.

This complexity is even more manifest when the maintenance concerns foundries: these are very particular places, where even the slightest mistake is forbidden.

To carry out effective maintenance in complete safety, it is necessary to employ instruments characterised by reliability and ease of use.

JMG Cranes specialises in the production of electrical pick & carry cranes: the key strengths of these work vehicles is their ability to work even in the most hostile environments.

JMG Pick & Carry mobile cranes are the ideal solution for companies who carry out foundry activities and which therefore frequently need to come to grips with the maintenance of their places. Our machines are equipped with a telescopic boom which can easily be integrated with other accessories, such as fork attachment, front outriggers or man baskets.

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