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Chemical and petrochemical industry

Which type of crane does the chemical and petrochemical industry need? Which are the main features that a crane model for the chemical and petrochemical industry sector should satisfy? A crane is designed to operate in the chemical and petrochemical industry in order to perform multiple functions, in particular maintenance of the facilities.

The JMG pick-and-carry cranes satisfy the multiple needs of this sector. The JMG CRANES are easily to transport as they do not need any exceptional transport and are equipped with removable counterweights; the end result is rapid intervention. In addition, JMG cranes ensure maximum reliability and safety.

Electric pick and carry cranes by Jmg do not require outriggers since they lift and carry the load on the wheels; speed, compactness, ease of use, high performance and practicality are some of the features which distinguish JMG products.

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